Due to our relationship with the Ford Galaxie Club of America, we have many full sized Ford Galaxie bumpers available for sale. We will also re-chrome your bumper. The typical turnaround time is 10-12 weeks, AS LONG AS THE BUMPERS YOU SEND HAVE NO PROBLEMS. If the bumpers you send cause an increase in price we will let you know. The typical price to rechrome Galaxie bumpers for all years 1959-1974 as of 2/1/2009 are $489.00 each plus shipping. (We have not had an increase since 2008!) We sell them outright for $739.00 plus shipping, EXCEPT '64 rears. They are typically $850-$1100 plus shipping IF we have them available. We do not accept core exchanges anymore unless they are dropped off in person OR unless you are willing to send it for our inspection first. Sorry, we have been stuck with too many bad cores. For any and all other antique automobile bumpers - call for a quote. Our bumpers are guaranteed for as long as you own them against rust and peeling. We do have some cores that are available for sale in case your Galaxie has been involved in a collision and you do not have a bumper. (These are typically $200-$250 each) ALL 1964 Galaxie rear bumpers HAVE to be run before we can tell if there is a problem. Too many 1964 rear bumpers have the problem of rust that causes the bumper to get too thin to replate. We will purchase 1964 rear bumper cores but we have to run them before payment UNLESS the bumper is in excellent condition when we receive it and it is obviously not a problem. We have been stuck with too many '64 rear bumpers after buying them and then running them and finding out they were too thin for replating. All custom orders need to have a deposit paid on them of 50% before we will run the job. We don't want any 1957 Pontiac bumpers sitting around that we can't sell for who knows how long. And that is just an example. ANY custom job needs a deposit sent. Check out: The Problem With 1964 Galaxie Rear Bumpers

CALL TO FIND OUT WHAT WE HAVE IN STOCK, as we are continually getting them in and sending them out. If you are looking for a specific pair or bumper, and it is in process we can put your name on it with a deposit. Some these listed are in stock, some are in process
1959 Galaxie / Fairlane Front
1961 / 1962 Galaxie Front
1963 Galaxie Front / 1963 Galaxie Rear
1964 Galaxie Front / 1964 Galaxie Rear (YES, we DO have a rear right now.)
1965/1966 Galaxie Front / 1965/1966 Galaxie Rear
1967 Galaxie Front / 1967 Galaxie Rear
1968 Galaxie Front / 1968 Galaxie Rear
1969 Galaxie XL or LTD Front / 1969 Galaxie 500 front / 1969 Galaxie rear
1970 LTD/XL Front, 1970 Galaxie Front
1971 Galaxie Front, 1971 Galaxie Rear

As you can see from some of our pictures we also do ALL other model antique cars. Just E-mail us or call us for prices or
NOW YOU CAN DOWNLOAD a ZIP File with an Microsoft EXCEL Spreadsheet that has all of our prices listed HERE.

About Our Plating Process: Triple plate is a process whereby a copper layer is put on the steel and then polished, then nickel and then chrome. The problem with this process is that the nickel doesn't adhere very well. It is nice and looks great but won't last as long as our process. Our process is actually a FIVE stage PATENTED plating process. First we put copper on the bumper and highly polish it. Then we use a STRIKE nickel plate that makes the next layer of nickel adhere so well that the bumper can be bent 90 degrees without damage to the chrome! Next we put a layer of dull nickel and then a layer of bright nickel that is polished. Finally we put on the chrome which is an actual clear coat that is very hard. It is also very thin! Duplex Nickel is a process that leaves the copper off and leaves the strike process off. It is not any where near as durable as our five stage plating process.

About care: You should never use chrome polish on your bumpers. You should use glass cleaner or just plain water and a rag. Chrome polish has an abrasive in the ingredients that will eventually wear the chrome off the bumper and then you will have the corrodible nickel becoming oxidized.

Read what some of our customers say about our work.

After contacting us for prices and directions, you can ship your bumpers to:

Some times we may have you ship the bumpers directly to our factory so DO NOT send them to the address above without first checking!
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