Mark, hi,
Just a quick one to say thanks. bumpers arrived this morning. Stunning the pair of them. They look just like a new set from Ford. We can't express what a difference from the ones we had done in the United Kingdom. Thanks for all your help and the beautiful bumpers. The only prob now is, I don't suppose you do headlight bezels do you? These bumpers put them to shame.
Thanks again for all your help,
Jayne and Eric
Toronto, Durham, United Kingdom

I would also like to tell you how pleased I was when I received the bumpers that I had sent you to be re-chromed. (Back in May of '06) It was over a year before I brought them to the body shop to be assembled, and you should have seen the smile on John's face when he saw them. I had all the aluminium trim restored by Greg Donahue, and he was really impressed with the trim and the bumpers. So far, everyone that's has seen her has been amazed at how great she looks.
Best regards,
Roger Mullenhard
Edison, New Jersey

Here are a couple of pictures of my car.

I received the bumpers today and I can not tell you how beautiful they are, I am truly impressed. My front bumper was pushed in about 4 inches on the left side wing and it came out perfect. I do not want to even touch them for fear of leaving fingerprints on them.
Outstanding job Mark... Thank you!!!!!!!!
Bruce Cowan
Union, Washington

I just want to thank you again for the fine job that you did on my '67 Galaxie bumpers. It has been almost two years and they still look like new. There are a lot of "fly by night" operators in the market place doing chrome work that doesn't last. Keep up the good work!!!
Bill Nelson
Stuttgart, Arkansas

Check out these pictures of my car.

My Ford Galaxie has NEVER been restored... every piece is original, well, except for the back bumper... and with it, I have driven up to 15,000 miles....the car was put into a warehouse and was inactive for 35 years!
Here is a picture of the car with the bumper you sent to the Coratelli Garage for me... and I want to thank you very much for the first rate goods you sent to me!...don't you think... the world is very small?

Check out this picture of my car.

Just recently I purchased a rear bumper for my 1965 Galaxie 500 from Mark at Born Again Classics. The original one had seen it's days with spots & discolor in the chrome. Born Again Classics had a great stock of bumpers so I decided after wanting one for a long time to go ahead and buy one. Mark said that after I put the new one on I would want to replace the front bumper also. Well, I do! The rear bumper looks really great. The chrome looks deep as if you're looking into the shine of a pearl. My front bumper is discoloring but I guess it will last the summer. I will get it replaced this next year. If you need a bumper get it from Mr. Reynolds. They are great! If you were at the Ford Nationals you know I like chrome.
Thanks Mark!
Ray Reagan
Springfield, Missouri

PS...Here is a picture of my car!


I just got my show-chromed bumpers that you delivered to Carlisle and I cannot believe how pretty they are. The quality is outstanding. The only problem is that now I am afraid to drive my car. Thanks a lot! At first I thought rechromed bumpers were an expensive luxury, but looking at these beauties makes the $$$ seem well worth it.
Michael Panfeld
Michael Panfeld
Tacoma Park, Maryland, 20912

Dear Mr. Reynolds

I wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with my newly chromed 1967 bumpers! I am a relatively new car collector, having obtained my 1967 Galaxie about a year ago. One of my first projects was to restore the bumpers. As a member of Three Rivers - I saw your ad in the club magazine. I did some comparison shopping at a few local establishments specializing in chrome plating, but none of these shops were able to compare to your price and speed of service. Shipping the bumpers to your facility in Missouri was not as cumbersome or costly as I had imagined and indeed the whole process went quite smoothly.
My new chome bumpers are absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to get on the road this season! Thanks again for the great service and quality product!
See you at Carlisle!
John Ball
John Ball
Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, 15108

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