• 1963-1964 Offset Shaft Conversion kit If you are rebuilding the front end of your 1963 or 1964 Galaxie ALL MODELS OR a 1963-1964 Mercury full sized model, you will most likely, unless you knew, forget to rebuild the concentric off set shaft nuts and replace the offset shafts that are located in the front of the frame and are connected to the front of your lower control arms. If you DON'T rebuild these, you WILL have problems with alignment and tire wear. AND even if you do rebuild them and do not obtain a toe in stabilizer bar from Bud's Classic Car, you will have problems with the car "darting" on uneven pavement as well as uneven tire wear. The solution to the problem is to rebuild your concentric nuts, buy new offset shafts and toe in stabilizer bar from Bud's. If you are wanting to stay 100% original you should follow that procedure. The total cost will be close to $550. Otherwise as an alternative you can purchase our offset shaft conversion kit and totally do away with the offset shafts. Our NEW designed unit completely eliminates the old concentric nut and parts associated with it. Due to the major machining involved these are also more expensive then the older way we were doing it.

    We will send you out a kit that has been designed to do away with the offset shafts thereby locking the front end solid with no movement in the front of the control arms whatsoever without the need of the toe in stabilizer bar. Our NEW kit is $386.00 including shipping to the U.S.(Yes we had to increase costs by $20.00 per set due to an insane increase in steel production and shipping costs to get our material for manufacturing these!) (+3.5% for credit card making it $397.50 total), and yes, that is for a pair.

    What a difference! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. The straight shafts were everything you reported them to be. It is like night and day, the difference in how my car handles. Easy solution to a complicated problem.
            ~ Paul Nagle
  • Check out this Youtube Video of these being installed:

    New units machined from scratch - $386.00 shipped (USA)
    ($397.50 using a credit card)
    Please CALL for availability - 870-743-9757

    PDF Installation Instructions HERE