• Halogen Headlights dim? Is your headlight switch overheating causing the headlights to go out or flicker? The answer is our relay set designed to splice into your existing headlight harness allowing your headlights to receive full power permitting a 15-25% increase in brightness. The power bypasses the headlight switch extending its life indefinitely. Pre-built, complete ready to install units. NO LONGER AVAILALBE. Schematic available on request.

  • Highly Polished Stainless Steel Bumper Bolts These bolts are solid stainless steel and fit the bumpers of 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1970 Galaxies. They are 7/16x14 x 1 1/4"" long. It takes 16 to do the front and rear bumpers on your car for those years. The come with stainless steel nuts and washers. These bolts are slightly smaller diameter on the heads, and slighly lower profile. If you are doing a concours restoration where every detail is scrutinized, DON'T BUY THESE!
    The price is $6.50 each or $5.50 each if you purchase 8 or more sets. A complete set of 16 is $88.00 If you own a 1961-1963 you will need 19 bolts to do the job. You will need to add $16.50 to you order to cover the extra three. This price includes shipping to the 48 States. For Alaska or Hawaii, please contact us. For overseas, please contact us for shipping costs.

  • 1963-1964 Offset Shaft Conversion kit If you are rebuilding the front end of your 1963 or 1964 Galaxie, you will most likely, unless you knew, forget to rebuild the concentric off set shaft nuts and replace the offset shafts that are located in the front of the frame and are connected to the front of your lower control arms. If you DON'T rebuild these, you WILL have problems with alignment and tire wear. AND even if you do rebuild them and do not obtain a toe in stabilizer bar from Bud's Classic Car, you will have problems with the car "darting" on uneven pavement as well as uneven tire wear. The solution to the problem is to rebuild your concentric nuts, buy new offset shafts and toe in stabilizer bar from Bud's. If you are wanting to stay 100% original you should follow that procedure. The total cost will be close to $550. Otherwise as an alternative you can purchase our offset shaft conversion kit and totally do away with the offset shafts. Our NEW designed unit completely eliminates the old concentric nut and parts associated with it. Due to the major machining involved these are also more expensive then the older way we were doing it.

    We will send you out a kit that has been designed to do away with the offset shafts thereby locking the front end solid with no movement in the front of the control arms whatsoever without the need of the toe in stabilizer bar. Our NEW kit is $326.00 including shipping to the U.S.

    We also have an alternative. We have some of the older converted units that we just got in. However, YOU HAVE TO SEND YOURS IN TO GET THESE AS AN EXCHANGE. We do not accept core charges any more as we lost too many cores. The older unit which utilizes YOUR concentric nuts are $250 shipped. So you save $75 by sending yours in to us to convert. There is an immediate turn around at this time.

    What a difference! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. The straight shafts were everything you reported them to be. It is like night and day, the difference in how my car handles. Easy solution to a complicated problem.
            ~ Paul Nagle

    Using your concentric nuts - $250 shipped -
    Please CALL for availability and shipping instructions. 870-743-9757

    New units machined from scratch - $326.00 shipped
    Please CALL for availability - 870-743-9757

    PDF Installation Instructions HERE